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January 18, 2010


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Bill Goodyear

I can say that it is important to look for what your customers are buying, not what your vendors are selling. As an online Christian Retailer, and someone that provides websites to retailers that want to sell online, we see first hand the mistakes that are most commonly made. And selling items based on your personal taste, and your perception of what people are going to pay is a huge mistake. We regularly sell jewelery items that are worth more than $50 - and those products outsell the cheaper items that sell for $10. So we have seen for ourselves that customers are looking for value and value does not necessarily mean cheap.

I can share that in persuing this strategy, our sales are up over 200% on same time sales last year, and we are experiencing unprecidented growth, even in this challenged economy. In fact, all we can say is bring it on! Because adversity creates an atmosphere where you have to think strategically to survive.

wine bottle bags

Vendors caught handing out plastic bags face losing their business license.

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