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January 21, 2010


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Michael Covington

This is an extremely helpful article Eric. As I understand it, PCI compliance is not a law, but as you have pointed out some processors will charge a monthly fee if you have not completed a self-assessment. In my experience, the self assessments are a bit difficult to understand for non tech-minded folks and may be difficult to fully comply with, without added expense on the merchant's part. This is at least the case for merchants selling over the web (not sure about POS terminals exclusively). You can find processors who will not charge PCI compliance fees however.

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Good article. Personally though I would have liked to see you point out how flawed the whole PCI compliance concept is. The issue is not with small businesses. It is with big businesses. I've had my personal credit cards compromised several times in the last few years and the leak was always with a credit bureau, card issuer or large merchant. PCI compliance from small businesses, most of whom do nothing more then swipe a card at time of sale is just one more way to extract fees and penalties from the largest segment of users (in terms of numbers). It's ridiculous and someone needs to tell the credit card issuers "no", especially since they themselves seem to be a significant source of compromised accounts. Let them fix their own house before trying to critique mine.

PCI Weary

Thanks for the article, however, if you think you just fill out a simple questionnaire and then get certified compliant than you may be in for a surprise. The biggest hurdle, in my opinion, is all of the policies and procedures that are required to be documented and followed by your company. It's not rocket science but it does take some time to document these and get everyone trained to follow these guidelines at all times. Until then you cannot answer some of these questions honestly and be certified compliant.


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great lens about Credit-card companies and credit-card processors are assessing fees and penalties on retailers who don’t demonstrate compliance with credit-card data-security standards...


Non-compliant companies who maintain a relationship with one or more of the card brands, either directly or through an acquirer risk losing their ability to process credit card payments and being audited and/or fined...


instead of paying all these fees why not use cash? its inconvenient but it saves you money and if you dont have enough money to buy something will you really have that money later and should you be buying it?


have you delete with images of credit card information with regards to data? how has this change your audits?

neil whetstone

I have just found out about this ELAVON have been charging me £17 a month for being non compliant .I found out after 6 months and asked them what the fee was for they said I had been sent a letter explaining I needed to fill in a questionaire on line to become compliant. I have never recieved this letter and it was by chance I saw the regular ammount being taken. I believe this is totally unfair as without the original letter retailers will be charged until they dscover the charge.Why can they charge without notification.The same company I also discover has been taking funds of £5 per month for a key padf which I dont have. I would love to know the legality of recovering my costs. Anyone??? PLEASE IF YOU ARE WITH ELAVON check your statements now. The charge last year was £30 for a year .neil whetstone

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curious cargo

your information was useful, but was missing a few steps that some cc companies, like the one I am cutting ties with has done....first thing, I was never told about a non compliance, when I called and asked why there was a $50.oo charge on my bill for it, they said they would send me a form via email, it never showed up, so once again I called, they explained they must have taken my email info down wrong. when I did recieve it, the attachement went to a page that didnt exist, so I called again, they once again sent it, this time, it only asked for my business information. I filled this out, and guess what? On my next bill was a $25 non compliance fee charge, they would not explain to me what this charge was once again, so I talked to one of my friends who used to work for a CC company, they said these companies dont have to charge this fee, and for a small business like mine, it is ridiculous, the most I have ever run thru in a month for cc sales is less than $1000, last month I didnt run a single card, but I got charged this $25. I think there is alot of shady business with these companies, and personally in my business, cash has now become king, and I will give discounts to people who pay cash. I also was informed if I wanted to cancel my account with this company, to fax in a cancellation, which I did, and once again, they informed me they never got the fax! So I had to pay my bank a $25 fee to stop payment to the company, my bank informed me, that sometimes these companies have other names and might try and run it through under another name. I am so fed up with this, I have heard the only company that actually is honest is heartland, so I am hoping to switch over to them, once I get this monkey off my back!

pci compliance checklist

Thanks for the finale overviews, I just finished reading the approved terminal providers one and it helped me a lot!

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Credit card companies should always take care of the users, they must regular check that, are retailers really providing demonstrate compliance to the consumers with the credit card or not? If retailers don’t provide proper demonstration then credit card companies can charge penalties on retailers.


That’s true that some credit card companies really charge unexpected Non-Compliance charges to your credit card bill, you must check your credit card bill before paying it finally.

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According to me consumers should check all the details about the particular credit card company details before getting the credit card of that particular company. Generally credit card companies unexpected charges.

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Credit card users should be very smart while they make payment through credit cards, they must know all the charges details of their credit cards. Consumers should never withdraw cash money from their credit card.

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This is really not a good thing that many Credit-card companies are increasing the charges, fees as well as penalties on the retailers. Nowadays credit card companies are starting charges Non-Compliance Fee on your credit card bill. Consumers should have information about this kind of charges.

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