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March 02, 2011


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Bill Greig III

Thanks Curtis for reminding us all that our focus needs to be on local churches, because that is where our brothers and sisters, our primary customers, gather together multiple times each week.

Also, let's keep in mind that the past few years have been challenging for most churches as they have been for most retailers and publishers.

The good news is that, when we go through the fire, we will be refined and made stronger.

My prayer is that local Christian retailers will partner with and serve local pastors and churches as they lift Jesus up in their communities.

The future is bright!

God bless you,

Bill Greig III
Gospel Light, Regal Books
Ventura CA USA

Dan Dutilly

Excellent, relevant, and a candidly honest message from Curtis Riskey. The focus on church relationships is making a difference for so many of the Christian Retailers we serve. We’re hearing from them that coming alongside the Church really does help position the store as a trusted source, an ally who shares their Higher Calling and purpose.

It’s encouraging that Christian Retailers can simply do what they do best and see relationships grow with their strongest customer, the Church!

Thank you, Curtis, for reminding us why we serve.

Dan Dutilly
Director of Church Sales & Marketing
Innovative, Inc.

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i believe in this "The Christian store is an extension of the church in many ways" sure it is, thanks for posting

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