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December 07, 2011


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Eric Grimm

CBA is supporting efforts for a federal system to administer state and local taxes (The Main Street Fairness Act) that will help level the playing field for independents and others who do pay local taxes and suffer price discrimination because of tax subsidies to Amazon and other Internet only retailers.

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I think two things.

Firstly everyone knows that Amazon gets the best pricing from publishers, which only allows them to continue to undercut indie retailers. They use their volume to demand better prices. We used to be a publisher and we know what Amazon and Walmart negotiate. So to pretend that is the same price that the indie stores get is not true. We need publishers to take a leadership position and ensure that EVERYONE gets the same price. No special deals for Amazon, B&N, Lifeway or CBD. Otherwise you are actively working to undermine the very retailers you say you support. And by doing that you are saying clearly that you dont support them. Indie retailers have a choice in the products they stock, and i think that they should reward those publishers who a pro indie with more floorspace.

This is an area where the CBA can help - by having publishers sign a pledge to give the same pricing to everyone. With no special deals or volume rebates etc. Then it would not be as hard for the indie stores to hold their own against the big retailers. It is particularly galling to see Christian publishers give a company that sells pro islamic, pro abortion, pro witchcraft publications a better deal. Quit it!!!!!

Secondly, why not run a campaign that baits Amazon to send shoppers to local retailers? Have a switch-n-save campaign where any customer walking in with the Amazon App gets the Amazon price. Lets have publishers assist in this by rebating the retailers back a little to help out. This would encourage indie retailers to greet customers using the app with warmth and humor, offering them a better deal just for pulling out the app. Im sure Amazon would "appreicate" that!

There are tonnes of solutions out there. The day of selling Christian Books at the full RRP is gone - its a joke to keep holding onto the past. In this economy everyone wants a deal. So, the people that get out there and give the best deals will win. And in the meantime all we retailers ask for is that you dont slaughter us by charging us more than Amazon and CBD.

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